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Crowns Specialist

Sunrise Dental

Dentist located in Olympia, WA

At Sunrise Dental of Olympia, the professional staff of the facility serves the residents of Olympia, Washington, and nearby communities. Crowns and other services associated with cosmetic dentistry are offered.

Crowns Q & A

When are Crowns Used?

Dental crowns are coverings that are placed over the entire surface of a tooth that has been damaged or has noticeable imperfections. When a tooth is damaged or cracked, it can compromise the integrity of the tooth opening the door for bacteria and debris to enter the tooth. Cleaning the tooth and covering it with a crown seals the entire tooth, preventing any further damage and dramatically reducing the risk of a cavity. A crown can also be placed over a tooth that is smaller than normal or if it has an irregular shape that makes the mouth look out of balance. The crown is created so that it covers the entire surface of the tooth, from the top all the way down into the gum line.

Are Crowns Permanent?

Temporary crowns may be put in place for a short period of time, but they will be removed once the permanent crown is ready. The permanent crown is normally made of porcelain or gold and, once in place, will last for several years. Crowns are designed and manufactured to last for the life of the patient, but there are cases when a crown has fallen out. This can be the result of damage to nearby teeth, loosening of the teeth as the gums recede (aging), or if an accident occurs in which the teeth are loosened. Crowns are made from materials that do not chip, crack, or wear away. In most cases, a crown that has been in place for several years will look just as it did the day it was put in place.

What Materials are Used to Make Crowns?

Temporary crowns are normally made of a cheaper, lesser quality material like resin or, in some cases, ceramic. Because they are temporary, they are normally only required to last a few months to a year. Permanent crowns, however, are made from the most durable materials on the market, either dental-grade porcelain or gold. A permanent crown must be able to withstand constant contact with the other teeth, plus repeated exposure to foods and liquids. They must also be able to withstand constant exposure to debris, bacteria, and digestive enzymes that can wear away or break down even the strongest tooth enamel.


We care greatly about your dental health at Sunrise Dental of Olympia. We accept many insurance plans to help patients achieve the care that they need. If you have any questions about how we can help you afford your dental care, please call our office to learn more. Thank you in advance from the staff at Sunrise Dental of Olympia.

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